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The paper machine is a complex process. Walmsleys engineers can analyze every part of this process, from pulping and stock preparation through to the paper machine and winder, to find and eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. We have been very successful in increasing bottom line profits at many mills across the world, often without capital expenditure.

Process Survey


Walmsleys can analyse your process system and paper making machinery to identify areas causing production or quality issues, to identify bottlenecks and to propose improvements.

Surveys can include:​

  • pulping

  • stock preparation

  • stock approach and short circulation

  • headbox and wire section

  • drying analysis

  • machine efficiency and losses

  • water usage

  • sheet stability and tail threading (rope threading and ropeless systems)

These assessments can be key to maximising the performance of your machine or can be the starting point for a machine upgrade to increase speed or change grade.

Walmsleys Paper Machine Survey
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