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At Walmsleys, we have used our engineering experience gained in the paper industry to move into other markets using large, heavy, rotating equipment. For our customers that manufacture sub-sea umbilicals, we have designed and built new machines and also rebuilt and serviced their existing horizontal and vertical helical layup machinery and armouring lines.

Walmsleys Horizontal Umbilical Layup Machine Design
Walmsleys Horizontal Umbilical Layup Machine
Complete New Machines


Walmsleys completed our first full umbilical winding machine in 2020. This was designed to meet the customers requirement on number of drums, size of drums and machine speed. The machine includes an on-line spool braking system so the operators can control individual product tensions while the machine is running. This ability to adjust on the run allows the operators to create the best umbilical possible.

You can see our machine in operation here.

Machine Rebuilds


For other customers we have performed the following rebuilds:

  • vertical helical layup machine rebuilds:

    • increased diameter and load carrying capacity of the upper and lower diverter sheaves

    • replaced drum drive and tension control system to accommodate steel tube

    • redesigned and replaced drum support stands to accommodate heavier drums

    • redesigned and replaced the circular rail and baseplates holding up the full machine table

  • Horizontal helical layup machine rebuilds:

    • extended a machine to add more drums and upgraded the drive stand​

    • added the ability to unwind an umbilical back onto its drums following a production problem

    • rebuilt a machine with new discs to replace the badly cracked original discs

    • performed crack repairs on an armouring line cast support discs

Walmsleys Horizontal Umbilical Layup Machine
Walmsleys Horizontal Umbilical Layup Machine
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