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Walmsleys have designed and built offshore hardware, including shipping frames, umbilical bend limiters, and UET support structures. All built to DNV standards and included design reports, manufacturing record books and load tests.

Equipment can include:

  • UET support frame

  • umbilical bend limiter for a back-deck carousel

  • support collar for umbilical deployment

  • shipping frames to maximise back deck space and to ship the equipment in the correct orientation for deployment, reducing offshore lifts, handling and overturning operation

If you require offshore hardware for a specific application or for general purposes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Walmsleys Mud-Mat Shipping Frames
Walmsleys Off-Shore Umbilical Bend Limiter
Walmsleys Off-Shore Umbilical UET Support Coller
Walmsleys Off-Shore Umbilical Bend Limiter
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