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If your headbox is beyond economic repair or you are looking to increase speed or change grade, Walmsleys can supply a new replacement headbox to meet your specification. If it's vat type, rectifier roll or a more modern hydraulic box.

Advantages of a new Walmsleys headbox include:

  • excellent sheet formation

  • full stainless steel construction

  • accurate slice lip adjustment through micro-jacks

  • accurate slice opening adjustment and reporting via an LVDT

  • accurate headbox tilt adjustment via screw-jacks to position the jet

  • headbox can include consistency profiling or be prepared for it to be added at a later date

Walmsleys Paper Machine Headbox
Walmsleys Paper Machine Three Ply Former
Former / Fourdrinier


Walmsleys can replace your existing former.

Advantages of a new Walmsleys former include:

  • design can be single or multi-ply fourdrinier, with or without a top wire unit, or a twin wire former depending on paper grade and speed

  • design can be cantilevered to ease wire change

  • guides and stretchers will be modern, reliable construction

  • suction rolls will be of modern design with stainless steel suction boxes and duplex stainless steel shell option

  • frames can be fully stainless or mild steel clad with stainless steel, depending on your preference and budget

  • doctors include modern pneumatic doctor oscillators



Walmsleys can replace your existing press section.

Advantages of new Walmsleys press sections include:

  • press section will be designed specifically to meet your needs

  • jumbo presses and shoe presses are the most common new sections being offered today as they provide the best dryness from a simple, uncluttered press section

  • modern pick-up / suction rolls with stainless suction boxes and duplex stainless steel shell option

  • new guides, guide palms & stretchers

  • inclusion of fabric tension measurement system

  • doctors include modern pneumatic doctor oscillators

  • conversion to jumbo press

  • conversion to shoe press

  • framework can be mild steel painted, mild steel clad with stainless steel or fully stainless steel dependant on you preference and budget

  • design can be cantilevered to ease felt change

Walmsleys Paper Machine Press Section
Walmsleys Paper Machine Dryer Section
Dryers / Yankee / MG


Walmsleys can replace your existing dryer section, Yankee dryer or machine glaze (MG) cylinder, framework, doctors etc.

The advantages of a modern Walmsleys dryer section include:

  • silent drive where the dryers are driven by the felt rolls, removing the need for gears and large gearboxes. This also eliminates oil leaks from old gear cases and prevents gear train wear and associated risk of gear crashes

  • replacement of guides, guide palms and stretchers

  • replacement of old dryer framework

  • replacement of doctors and conversion to pneumatic oscillators

  • more reliable tail threading

  • inclusion of carb bearing to remove the need for bearing housing rockers

  • inclusion of modern spoiler bars and condensate systems

For more information on this specialist area, please see the Yankee Dryer Services pages.

Coater & Size Press


Walmsleys can replace your existing coater and size press.

Advantages of a Walmsleys coater or size press include:

  • designed for clean running and operation

  • ease of access for operators

  • easy to wash down and clean

  • rapid rod and rod holder replacement

  • quick roll change facility

  • easy operation through integrated HMI

  • thermally compensated applicator heads for an even coating

Walmsleys Paper Machine Size Press
Walmsleys Paper Machine Reel Section
Reel / Core Handling / Spool Loading


Walmsleys can replace your existing reel, complete with it's core handling and spool storage / loading system.

The advantages of a Walmsleys reel section include:​

  • excellent sheet turn-up at the beginning of the spool (primary arms can include nip relief if required)

  • excellent reel build with controlled spool to reel drum nip pressure and sheet tension. Controlled by secondary arms

  • minimal air entrainment due to foils before the reel drum and reel drum grooves

  • automatic overhead spool storage and loading options

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