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Walmsleys can supply parts and spares for our own equipment. We can also supply new parts for other suppliers machines, through reverse engineering or our knowledge of their equipment.

The number of parts are too numerous to mention. Here are a few recent / common items:

  • New paper dryer drive gear and drive pinion

  • New suction roll head and flinger

  • New Yankee Dryer bolts (coded and certified for PED and ASME pressure directives)

Walmsleys Replacement Paper Dryer Gear
Walmsleys Driven Felt Roll
  • New headbox apron lip and seals

  • New hydraulic cylinders

  • New MG lifting frame for bearing change

  • 2 x new wire roll lift / lower system to replace corroded system

  • New top wire unit stretch roll brackets and screw jacks to replace corroded items

  • New coater pan to replace old damaged item

  • New shoe press wiper blade

Walmsleys Bearing Housing
  • New Yankee Dryer condensate straws

  • 12 x Complete new 6' dryers with spoiler bars

  • New guide for a press felt

  • Complete new press roll

  • New reel primary arms

  • New suction transfer boxes for a press section

Walmsleys Dryer Doctor Back
Walmsleys Former Suction Box
  • New stretcher for dryer fabric

  • Complete new suction pick-up roll

  • New press roll bearing housings

  • New motor and gearbox drive stand

  • Replacement dryer can gear casing

  • New stock pulse attenuator

Walmsleys Stock Pulse Attenuator
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