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Our History


Walmsleys as it is today was born out of Beloit Walmsley, who were the UK wing of Beloit Corporation. The manufacturing plant in Bolton, England made full paper machines and had one of Europe's largest foundries making all Beloit Yankee dryers, MG cylinders and paper dryers.

The Beloit group were the biggest paper machine manufacturer in the world, with design and manufacturing sites across the globe. When Beloit Corporation ceased trading in 2000, Walmsleys became Sandusky Walmsley, and then in 2006 we became simply Walmsleys, a freestanding UK owned and run business.

Throughout these changes, the Walmsleys name has stayed and we have retained an experienced and knowledgeable core of staff.

Walmsleys Engineers Building Umbilical Layup Machine
Walmsleys Paper Machine Inspection
Walmsleys References


As a freestanding company, here are a few highlights of our staff's achievements:

  • four full paper machines designed, built and running with two more due for completion in 2022

  • Our Yankee Dryer Service department have completed over 50 Yankee dryer bolt upgrades.

  • Complete Helical Layup Machine designed, built and running

  • complete new reel section for a UK mill

  • conversions of two dryer sections to silent drive

  • Our Yankee Dryer Service department have replaced over 30 complete Yankee dryer condensate removal systems

  • relocation of four machines from Europe to South Africa and the Middle East

  • ROV system, overboarding chute and sub-sea baskets designed, built and supplied to TechnipFMC

  • full machine designed built and running to crepe paper for production of electrical insulation papers

  • Shoe press designed, built and running.

  • Machine built to apply trace heating cables to sub-sea pipelines for TechnipFMC

  • Yankee dryer service team have serviced dryers in over 50 countries

  • Yankee dryer service team perform annual inspections on over 50 in-service Yankee dryers and MG cylinders

  • Yankee dryer service team have supplied almost 500,000 coded bolt assemblies

Beloit / Sandusky Walmsley References


As part of the Beloit group, our current staff were key in many paper machine projects. Here are a few highlights:

  • complete fine machine for APP Maryvale - Australia

  • complete newsprint machine for Golbey - France

  • complete tissue machine for Leicester Paper - UK (now Sofidel)

  • fine paper machine upgrades for  MoDo Paper - France

  • complete tissue machine for Celtech - UK (now Sofidel)

  • complete tissue machine for P&G - UK (now Essity)

  • complete tissue machine for AM Paper - UK (now Essity)

  • complete tissue machine for AM Paper- UK (now Northwood)

  • complete newsprint machine for SCA - Sweden

  • complete newsprint machine for Stora - Sweden

  • basement dryers added to Korsnas - Sweden

  • new three ply former for Whakatane - New Zealand

  • complete machine for Sappi Enstra - South Africa

  • complete machine for Kondopoga - Russia

  • complete new reel section for International Paper - Russia

  • headbox rebuild for YFY - Taiwan

  • complete new former including headbox for Ahlstrom - USA

  • Top wire former added to newsprint machine for Norske Skog - Czech Rep

  • Our Yankee Dryer Service department built, installed and maintained approximately 250 Beloit Yankee dryers and MG cylinders

All of this, plus rebuilds, servicing and spare parts...

Walmsleys Site Engineer Replacing a Headbox Slice Lip
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