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Walmsleys can rebuild your existing headbox. If it's vat type, rectifier roll or a more modern hydraulic box.

Common rebuilds / upgrades include:

  • installation of a new apron lip and slice lip

  • replacement or addition of slice lip opening sensors / controls and limit switches

  • replacement of headbox adjustment jacks (slice lip microjacks, slice opening jacks, headbox tilt jacks), and re-setting of mechanical stops

  • replacement of apron and knuckle seals

  • replacement of rectifier rolls, bearings, seals and drive shafts

  • replacement of converflow / lexan sheets

  • addition of dilution control systems, complete with header and control valves

Walmsleys Paper Machine Headbox
Walmsleys Paper Machine Three Ply Former
Former / Fourdrinier


Walmsleys can rebuild your existing former. If it's a standard single ply fourdrinier, or double, triple or quadruple ply, or a twin wire former.

Common rebuilds include:

  • replacement of breast roll raise / lower system

  • new section couch, wire rolls and doctors

  • replacement guide, guide palm & stretchers

  • new roll raise / lower systems

  • suction couch roll rebuild with new suction box

  • new doctors with pneumatic doctor oscillators

  • addition of a top wire unit

  • addition of another ply on top of the existing, including headbox, fourdrinier table and combining roll

  • conversion to cantilevered for ease of wire change

  • addition of fabric tension measurement system



Walmsleys can rebuild your existing press section.

Common rebuilds include:

  • new pick-up roll with new raise / lower system

  • new guides, guide palms & stretchers

  • addition of fabric tension measurement system

  • suction roll rebuild with new suction box

  • replacement of doctors and addition of new pneumatic doctor oscillators

  • conversion to jumbo press

  • conversion to shoe press

  • framework replacement to to corrosion or vibration problems

  • conversion to cantilevered to ease fabric change

  • rebuild to increase nip loads

Walmsleys Paper Machine Press Section
Walmsleys Paper Machine Dryer Section
Dryers / Yankee / MG


Walmsleys can rebuild your existing dryer section, Yankee dryer or machine glaze (MG) cylinder.

common rebuilds include:

  • replacement of old dryers

  • conversion to silent drive from geared - this eliminates oil leaks from old gear cases and prevents gear train wear and associated risk of crashes

  • replacement of guides, guide palms and stretchers

  • replacement of old dryer framework

  • replacement of doctors and conversion to pneumatic oscillators

  • addition of basement dryers to add drying capacity without increasing the length of the machine

  • upgrades to tail threading

  • conversion to carb bearing to remove the need for bearing housing rockers

  • replacement of spoiler bars and condensate systems

For more information on this specialist area, please see the Yankee Dryer Services pages.

Coater & Size Press


Walmsleys can rebuild your existing coater and size press.

Common rebuilds include:

  • replacement of roll and coater head roll raise / lower system

  • roll alignment checks and correction

  • new rolls

  • roll recovering

  • coater head and coater pan rebuild or replacement

Walmsleys Paper Machine Size Press
Walmsleys Paper Machine Reel Section
Reel / Core Handling / Spool Loading


Walmsleys can rebuild your existing reel, complete with it's core handling and spool storage / loading system.

Common rebuilds include:​

  • addition of overhead spool storage and loading arms to place spools into the primary arms

  • replacement of primary arm gear segments, cross shaft and drive pinions

  • primary arm rebuild with new slides, actuators and bushes

  • primary and secondary arm alignment checks and adjustment

  • reel drum surface inspection, re-grinding and re-grooving or a replacement reel drum

  • vacuum sheave rebuild and seal replacement

  • reel rail inspection and replacement of worn sections

  • hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder replacement

  • spool pusher cylinder replacement

  • rail end shock absorber replacement

  • spool kicker and brake station rebuild with new actuators, bushes and brake shoes

  • reel spool inspection, bearing change and clutch block replacement

  • reel spool starter check, torque limiter check, adjustment and tyre replacement

  • addition of sheet scanners

  • addition of foils to control sheet stability

Recent References


  • Reel primary arm refurbishment - UK - tissue mill

  • Yankee Dryer drive stand replacement to solve vibration issues - UK - tissue mill

  • Press framework replacement - Canada - tissue machine

  • Process water recovery project - UK - specialist paper mill

  • Gapping press addition to control sheet calliper - UK - specialist paper mill

  • MG Cylinder support framework modifications - UK - board mill

  • Reel section rebuild and new primary arm ears and cross shaft - Sweden - newsprint machine

  • Dryer section conversion to silent drive - South Africa - kraft machine

  • New primary arm assemblies - Austria - tissue machine

  • New reel handling system - UK - tissue mill

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