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Walmsleys have designed and built back-deck systems for quick change of ROV tooling skids, and to allow ROV movement out of the ROV hanger for maintenance. This system improves operating safety by removing the need to manually move the ROV or the tooling skids, which can be especially hazardous when at sea.

The system consists of rails mounted to the back deck and onto the moonpool doors. A carriage is driven along the rails to move the ROV and / or tooling skids from the ROV hanger onto the back deck.

Walmsleys Back-Deck ROV Handling System
Walmsleys Back-Deck ROV Handling System

Systems are bespoke to the vessel / moonpool arrangement, designed to DNV standards and include full design reports, manufacturing record books and load test certificates.

If you currently struggle with ROV or tooling skid movement aboard your vessel or want to make movement safer for you staff, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also design and manufacture special purpose offshore hardware for offshore installers.

Walmsleys Back-Deck ROV Handling System
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