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Preliminary Engineering


Walmsleys can take your production and quality requirements and turn these into detailed project data and a full preliminary engineering package which includes:

  • Project plan giving key dates and milestones for the full project

  • Machine layout giving a full view of the front of your proposed machine and sections through.

  • Plant layout showing locations of equipment throughout the mill site

  • Floor loading drawings

  • Water, compressed air and vacuum requirements

  • Machine drive requirements

  • Required building crane capacity, number of hooks and minimum hook height.

  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID's), controls schematics and functional descriptions

All of this enables you to begin the design of your building, stock systems and other services.​

Building Plans

As specialists in the design and supply of paper making machinery, Walmsleys can take your paper grade and production requirements and turn them into full machine specifications, detail engineering, machine manufacture, installation and commissioning giving you a fully operational new paper machine.

The steps in this process are generally as follows:

Mechanical Engineer
Detail Engineering


Turning the  machine concept into a working machine, requires fully detailed drawings and calculations for manufacture.

Walmsleys can provide this detailing service and can liaise with your civil, electrical and process designers to ensure the delivery of a seamless project.

All design and project management is carried out from our UK office. Our experienced UK staff will travel to your mill site for project meetings at key points in the schedule.



After detailed engineering, your equipment, headbox to reel will be manufactured in the UK or other global locations, depending on your requirements. All quality is checked and inspected by UK engineers to ensure it meets the required standards of quality and manufacture.

Deliveries would be scheduled in line with the overall project schedule so as to optimise the installation.

Welding specialist
Large Paper Rolls
Installation & Commissioning


Walmsleys specialists can oversee the installation of the new equipment offering technical advice, scheduling and resourcing. We can also offer complete installation packages should this be preferred.

Our engineers will attend site to carry out a detailed commissioning program to get the machine ready for start up.

We would then assist with the machine start up and post start up optimisation.

Walmsleys can also offer training for your operators and engineers in the machine and control systems, ensuring that you have the knowledge to operate and maintain the machine.

Recent References


  • Full machine for Europe. 4m wire width. 850 meter per minute production speed. 90 to 400 gsm. Due for completion 2022.

  • Full machine for India. 5.3m wire width. 750 meter per minute production speed. 70 to 300 gsm. Due for completion 2022.

  • Full machine for Egypt. 5.5m wire width. 950 meter per minute production speed. 70 to 170 gsm. Complete and operational 2019

  • Full creper machine for UK. 3m wide. Complete and operational 2019

  • Full machine for Saudi Arabia. 6.9m wire width. 900 meter per minute production speed. 90 to 180 gsm. Complete and operational 2014

  • Full machine for India. 3.6m wire width. 350 meter per minute production speed. 200 to 450 gsm. Complete and operational 2012

  • Full machine for India. 5.7m wire width. 800 meter per minute production speed. 56 to 90 gsm. Complete and operational 2009

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