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Paper machine coater section rebuild

Our UK customer was running an old coater on their board machine and was experiencing failures and significant down-time. Walmsleys offered a paper machine coater section rebuild to upgrade the system and eliminate current failures.

Problems with the old equipment included:

  • Split / twisted coater pan

  • Faulty hydraulic cylinders and flow controllers

  • Damaged pan lifting arms

  • Applicator roll arm pins and bushes were badly worn

  • No work was required for the backing roll or coating head

For a much lower cost than a new coater, Walmsleys supplied and installed new equipment to fix the above problems and to get the coater in full working order again.

Walmsleys new coater pan for rebuild of coater in UK paper mill
Walmsleys new coater pan

Walmsleys rebuild of a coater in a paper machine
Walmsleys rebuilt coater in operation

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